There are two ways you can serve instagram ads:


1) Instagram as another type of placement (besides desktop right column, mobile news feed etc)


- In the first example below on iDental, we are running a normal website click campaign. In this instance, Instagram is merely just another placement which the campaign can opt into. This is easily what’s done for most customers. It functions just like other placements available on Facebook. If you see the Instagram ad below, you will notice that such ads appear just like other types of ads and it does not require an Instagram account to be linked to PurpleClick Facebook account. 

The client only needs to link up their Instagram account to their Facebook page for this to happen. When someone clicks on the handle, i.e: " Surgeons," it leads them to the iDental Facebook Page.



2) Instagram as a particular placement occupying an individual ad set/campaign


In this case, we regard Instagram campaign as a different campaign altogether from Facebook campaign. Implementation-wise, it just means we do NOT opt into other placements. In the case of Bioskin & NAC below, we are running an ad Instagram through the clients' Instagram Account.

Note: Client must create their own Business Manager and add us as a partner

How it looks on client's end:

We will then be able to serve ads with the handle, which means when someone clicks on the source above the ad, it takes the user to the Instagram account instead of the Facebook Page.

How it looks on our end upon granting us access as an Assigned Partner: