Benchmarks: We have been seeing great performance for GSP campaigns in SG so far. We have seen CTRs range from 3.5 - 5% on an average. It can go up to 8% at times. It is also very cost effective - $0.30 - 0.40 CPC.

Targeting: Similar to GDN in terms of ICM, Managed Placements (Domains) and Topics. We can have exclusions in the GSP campaign as well so client needn't be worried about the ads showing up on any unfavourable content. We can have exclusions based on domains, Keywords, interests, Jobs etc. We can include the list of negative placements as domain exclusions.

Budget Requirements: For GSP, requirements for budget is that it has to be 60x of CPC so if the daily budget is very small, the max CPC will have to be set very low which will limit visibility. Eg. if DB is $6/day, max CPC can only be set at $0.10, which is a problem. If budget is too low, their ads are going to be overshadowed by other huge brand names & they can only appear at the end of the day when other advertisers have exhausted their budgets. 

Creative Requirements

Attached. More info also available at

Items needed:

1. Teaser text file 

2. Teaser logo image 

3. HTML file with the fully­expanded ad unit 

4. File folder containing any images from the fully­expanded HTML ad

To give you an idea of what each corresponds to, 1 and 2 will appear like this:

After clicking into it, the HTML file will correspond with the ad, with the images also showing here.



For the specifications on the exact limitations of each component (file size, text limit etc), please refer to my attached file.