Suggestions for Landing Page



 At best, page should not be in flash, or too image intensive

Say if you have a promo, “50% discount”, such a tagline should be incorporate as text, and not embedded as image banner. Spiders cannot read images .Spiders will identify ad copy that consists of “50% discount” and if they don’t detect that your landing page has the same text, they will penalize you as ‘irrelevant’.

Important message should be at the 25% eye-level, for example “Apply Now!” or “Get it Now”

Make sure you don’t crowd your landing page with too many keywords (keyword density around 1:10 is ok), but important keywords (product categories) should be there, and in text format

Google emphasize a lot of ‘user experience’ – so pls put on the consumer cap and think how you would feel comfortable clicking on an ad copy and then going into and navigating around


Page should ideally have ‘zero-click-away’ to the next call-to-action you want to achieve. For e.g, if you want people to fill up a form, suggest t place it at the blue box above. On the same landing page, max 3-5 fields for completion.

If however your form is pretty lengthy, you can consider to put “Proceed to Page 2 of 2 to complete Form” after they complete the simple form on Landing Page.



Placing the CTA on the landing page also prevents bounce, or clueless people who don’t know where to locate form. CTA must be as obvious and striking as possible. Single Focal point – don’t crown your landing page with thousands of details. If you have 1-2 very striking offers. For e.g, Free Gift, just use it. People often get confused with too much overflowing details and get turned off.

Got a number to get people to call? Make sure it is in ‘text’ format and not an image. This way, if site is in mobile version, they can just use their thumb to press on the number to call directly. We’ll also add in as a ‘click-to-call’ function, e.g.:


Sitelinks, example:

Good to provide certain other options in your landing page (so we can point people to land differently on different pages)

Home Loans

Commercial Loans

Sign up Now with Free Gift

Get someone to contact me

Mobile Site

Of course, make sure your landing page is a mobi-site. For e.g. (desktop) and (mobile). This way, people can have a better user experience. Remember to put in the snippet of code in your sites to detect mobile users for auto-direct to mobile, and for desktop to stay on desktop site.

Remember to test on iOS and Android for mobile.